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The Album is “Out There”

track listing:

  1. Fork in the Roadalbum cover
  2. My Story
  3. Circus Music
  4. Someday Monkey
  5. Point of No Return (turn right here)
  6. Crime of the Century
  7. Say Goodnight
A unique approach, a songwriter’s album of acoustic-born “nerd-rock” recorded with love and mixed with care. 

It’s hard to be clever without sounding clever. That’s a line that many of my own favorite songwriters try to ride. I’ve written hundreds of songs, but wanted a collection that had no sore thumbs…songs that I truly believed in.All of the songs on this album gave me the “spine-shivers” at some point during the writing process. You can’t fake that. It’s that little moment where you’ve written something and it’s impossible to believe that you came up with it, because it feels more like it came to you.I love these songs. I love the collaborations I had in recording them. I love that so many good talented people wanted to contribute just for the fun of it. There were no agendas in the making of this recording. Everyone just did what they do and it just worked. This is a collection of happy-accidents.


released May 21, 2013
CJ Sorg – lead & background vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards
Barry Lawson – background vocals, drums, keyboards, percussion, electric guitar, engineering, mixing
Pat Buchanan – electric guitar, bass, keyboards
Jason Gantt – electric guitar, background vocals
Ben Strano – bass, electric guitar, drum programming, mixing, mastering, engineering
Scott Velazco – engineering, electric guitar
Tim Brennan – bass, assistant engineer on “Crime of the Century”
Tony Harrell – wurlitzer, B3, piano
Elisha Hoffman – drums on “Crime of the Century”
Dan Certa – editing

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CJ has an interesting kind of acoustic-rock offering here. His voice is very unique and the writing is stellar. He says that the songs gave him the “spine-shivers” when he felt that they ‘came to him’ as opposed to him writing them. I’m with you, bro.

Wry Life Music

This is really good. I adore the arrangement, the wide variety of instruments. I love the symphonic touches. Seriously. Wow.

(RE: Circus Music song)

Hmm…no, sorry. The lyrics don’t change the fact that the melody-over-chords kinda thing is still unbearable to listen to. I can hear some groove, tight recording and some good arrangement/production. Put that effort into a song that will make our ears melt (in a good way)!
…Try to play the chords in your head in slow-motion and play with the melody a bit more than just a-o-i-a.
Experiment! If the melody follows the chords, it’s boooring and you’re far away from writing the good shite. If you have a chord progression, try out a lot of different melodies, especially the ones that doesn’t follow the chords like a slave.
If you still feel like following the chords you need to listen to some better music, like beatles and stuff.
edit: a lot, for music’s sake.

(RE: Someday Monkey song)

Really enjoyed your tracks..Fork In The Road & My Story..great tunes and vocals and guitar work..great sound and well done tunes..

Mikie Campro (via ReverbNation)

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